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“OMG the pizzas are amazing and literally give you a foodgasm id recommend this food truck to everyone who love pizzas. My mouth's watering right now as I write this review. They make it fresh right from the scratch in front of you and they have so many flavors bursting around in your mouth. A must try if you visit HSR layout !!!”



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India's FIRST wood-fire pizza rolled out on a food truck.


Launched in Bangalore on 20-Set-2015

Our signature BBQs

Tender Chicken marinated overnight in our mother's secret recipe. Grilled to perfection. Basted with Flavoured Butter and served with Mayonnaise.

Made Medium or Spicy according to your taste buds


As on Fire was featured on Bloomberg National TV during Oct 2015

Some Reviews on Zomato& Facebook!!

  • “Lovely place mainly fire based food.... barbecue and wood fire pizza to be exact... run by a father daughter duo... love their pizza tasted more authentic than a gourmet place... waiting for next weekend when they 'll hopefully be back in HSR.”

  • “Was surprised to see the huge wood fire oven at the back of a truck. We ordered only the chicken drumstick, since it was raining we had a wait quiet a bit. It tasted good. The pizzas looked good, maybe I'll order that the next time. Definitely as good experience.”

    VIJI T
  • “The first thing that catches your eye is the set-up. A red wood fire oven in a yellow truck!

    This place is amazing. You must go there for soft, smoky chicken barbecues and beautiful pizzas prepared right in front of your eyes. The people who run the place are very friendly and make all the customers feel comfortable. ”

  • “Loved the pizza! 

    Couldn't have been better, they have got this awesome customized truck hosting a wood-fired oven. Just the sight of them preparing the pizza and of the pizza after it is out of the oven, well-done, made us very hungry.

    The only thing that I could find negative about AOF is we had to wait for over 40 min to get our pizzas as the order volume was huge. So, I suggest getting there by 8 PM would work well.

    All in all, it tastes better than branded pizza chains, so anytime a friend visits my place on a Sunday, I'm definitely gonna introduce him/her to AOF's pizzas”

  • “A bright yellow truck with a catchy name which was emitting fresh aromas of pizza drew us to find out more. It read 'as on fire'. Everything about the truck looked interesting. The huge wood fire equipment, the neatly assorted veggies, the super thin wheat base and of course the smiling owners. We started with one pizza but it was so irresistible that we ended having another one. Crispy.. Thin.. Topped with fresh veggies (non veg options available too).. And the perfect seasoning cooked on wood fire.. Yum it was!! They announce their location everyday on Fb. Go try off I say! Kudos to you guys. Great start. Am sure you'll go places.”

  • “I spotted a food truck parked in BTM Layout IInd Stage last Wednesday while going back home. Since they were parked very near to my house, I came back again to their spot and thought of giving it a try as they were serving pizzas.

    This truck serves Wood Fire Pizzas along with Barbecue stuff. Again, since Navratri was going on, I had no choice but to have veg pizza; even though I got very tempted looking at the way they were barbecuing the chicken legs n wings.

    I took a parcel of 3 Topping Veg Pizza which included Pineapple, Black Olives and Paneer.

    The base of the pizza was thin and crisp and there were loads of toppings I had asked for. Overall, I liked my pizza and now I looking forward to try their Non Veg Items.”

  • “ We crossed by them in btm layout 2nd stage. The wood fire set up in a truck made us to turn back and taste their pizza. Had wood fired veg pizza, which was damn yum. It was one the best wood fired pizza tasted till now. Highly recommended for pizza and barbeque lovers.”

  • “Spotted the truck couple of weeks bck, but tried only yesterday. It was very crowded, they have pizza and barbeque chicken. Had to wait close to an hour for pizza, it was nice as it was wood fired pizza”

  • “First thing that strikes you, is the red wood fire set up in a bright yellow truck. I tried their wood fired veg pizza, and have to admit that it was one of the best wood fired pizza I have tasted so far. The thin crust, yummy toppings and wood fired, you couldn't ask for more. I suggest all pizza and barbecue lovers to visit this food truck.”

  • “Loved ur Pizza guys.. And ur hospitality even better.. Keep rocking..!!"

    Prashanth Achaiah Ramesh
  • “Insane food loved d bbq n pizza

    Crazy people



    John Son
  • “Truly awesome barbeque chicken and pizzas. Must try for everyone.”

    Jay H Chawda
  • “Amazing food made by amazing people . Do try the chicken wings.”

    Sowmya Jane Noronha
  • “Loved the barbeque chicken pizza !!

    smile emoticon

    well done.. Wishing u loads of success.”

    Sneha Noronha
  • “The best pizza ever..fresh and very yummy..awesome and affordable.”

    Karthik Bhatt
  • “Loved their BBQ Chicken pizza.. Hot outta oven with the savour of wood smoke.. Really DELICIOUS!!! And also relished my first chocolate pizza here ... Yummm!!! yummilicious!!”

    Megha Shree
  • “Bangalore's Best Pizza.

    Very, very good. I took a bite of the Veg Pizza was very impressed! Lots of flavor compared to other places.! Will definitely return.Fresh and hot out of the oven.”

    Shrishti Jain
  • “I was passing by this joint. And, from one leg piece i ended up ravishing on almost an entire barbecued chicken. The recipe used for the grill is fantastic. Simple and tasty and not to forget healthy as well. Great going guys. Cheers.”

    Rahul Parthan
  • “Delicious, juicy, must have Barbeque Chicken. Kudos to the buddy who was preparing it who also happens to be a Photographer. I wasnt feeling like having chicken but my wife, who happens to be a vegetarian, felt that it looked yummylicious. So we went a whole 2 Kilometres to come back to this food truck and I must say each bite was worth what I paid for. Its not only the perfect way of cooking the chicken but also the warmth that I received from them. Next time around I am going in for a wood fired pizza which happens to be the main highlight of the food truck. Thanks for a wonderful meeting and a good snack.”

    Prashant Talwar
  • “Was just passing by.. Saw the yellow food truck with a wood fire oven.. came back with my girl.. had the barbeque chicken pizza and that was one of the best decision i took in my life.. The pizza was so amazing. Not like the bland flavour that dominos or pizza hut offers. It was the best pizza I ever had.. Was going to try barbequed chicken legs but they ran out of it.. ended up having another pizza.. Really a great place.. Value for money.. Owners are also very cheerful and friendly. Worth a shot..!”

    Basha Iqbal Khan
  • “Amazing treat for the taste buds... I tried it for the first time and am sure that it wasnt the last... Must try thing...”

    Arun Kohli

More reviews on Zomato....

  • “OMG the pizzas are amazing and literally give you a foodgasm id recommend this food truck to everyone who love pizzas. My mouth's watering right now as I write this review. They make it fresh right from the scratch in front of you and they have so many flavors bursting around in your mouth. A must try if you visit HSR layout”

    Neha Jali
  • “Have to say....One of the best wood fired pizza i ever had.. You get a very good experience of street food with a premium quality food. Even though its a food truck, they have maintained it very clean and clear. 

    Being a vegetarian didn't created any problem unlike other places where you don't get much choices. You actually can order exactly what you want on your pizza. 

    Not bad but only negative point, they are a bit slow. So during the rush hours, you might have to wait a long before you get your pizza right out of wood fired oven”

    Rachit Patel
  • “I am a fan of food trucks' food but did not like any in specific in Bangalore. Was told abt this by a friend and went searching for it on 27th main in hsr. Luckily they were there on that day.. call them before going as. The truck is yellow in color with 'as on fire' written with red on it which would definitely take your attention. They barbeque just beside it so u can have a look and feel tempted and they have the wood oven inside for the wood fired.pizza. the chicken leg and thigh were awesome.. soft, grilled properly and given with mayo, around 99 each. The wood fired pizza is good.. nothing out of the world but nice. Must go there if u enjoy street food kinda stuff and experience. And ya the truck looks clean anyways. Dont forget to call them before going..as I said the location is good”

    Anchal Arora 
  • “ Tried their wood fired pizza and chicken leg in the Food fete. Loved their large wood fired oven fitted in the truck and the way the pizza complete with all toppings came about. The chicken leg was grilled with some secret Barbeque sauce. Will surely try the pizza again”

  • “My first thought when I went there expecting a food truck was, "Wow that's small" !! But what really stoked me was the wood fire oven fit within it. I am a pizza fan (but usually of the ones I make at home, I am quite modest too no??)  

    I ordered for Chilly Chicken pizza as well as Paneer tikka pizza. It was a very pleasant change from the boring ones from outlets that's overwhelmed this city. The size was also nothing to complain about for the price. Since I consider myself a home barbeque expert as well, I did not go in for their offerings but have heard good reviews about it and saw other customers relishing it”

    Pheno Menon
  • “Excellent food truck. Love to visit it again and again. Little on slower side, which is understandable as their working area is small. I always tried the Pizzas and have never been disappointed. It's consistently good. Keep up the good work"

    Nilanjan Dev
  • “We had heard of the As On Fire a Food truck and stumbled upon it while driving our way through HSR. The As On Fire looked funky with its red and yellow color scheme and the chicken Barbeque wings smelt absolutely great! I ordered for a Chicken Woodfire Pizza with three toppings -Onions, Bell Peppers and Mushrooms. The first bite came across as a wonderful surprise to my tastebuds. The flavour was fresh in our mouths and the crust was super thin - just how it's supposed to be! It's one of the few places in Bangalore that serves great pizza. At 279 Rs, this was absolute value for money and better than all of those mediocre pizza joints we've been having pizza at. Kudos to the team! ”

    Shreya D
  • “My try here was the whole leg barbeque. Though they take long time to serve it. The wait was worth it. Amazing spices put together. Barbecued to perfection. Soft and yummy. Made my tummy smile”

    Poojitha Govardhan
  • “Loved the pizzas and Barbeque here. Very different from Dominoz and Pizza Hut. Thin crust and tastes lovely. A must try. Prices are also pretty low”

    Prasant Ramakrishnan 
  • “The Awesome Threesome Pizza comes fully loaded and so tasty and filling. Must try guys.

    The secret receipe for the barbeque makes you want more ! ”

  • “Great place for chicken lovers... Tried a chicken whole leg and it was amazing. The food truck was cool and delivery was fast. Visit the place and have fun”

    Sumit Singh
  • “This one caught our eye with the quirky name and the promise of freshly baked wood fired pizza and Barbecued chicken.

    The cute mustard yellow color of the truck and the delicious aroma of wood fire are attractions enough for an onlooker. We decided to try the thin crust pizza. Most pizzas are priced within the range of 150-400 rupees and all pizzas come in medium size thin crust only. The pricing is thus competitive keeping in mind the big pizza franchises.

    Another point to note is that they use fresh ingredients: even the pizza base is prepared right in front of your eyes and the toppings retain their fresh flavor, which is WAY better than the already established pizza franchises that charge double the rate for half the quality and quantity. Also one gets the distinctive taste of the wood fire while biting into the crust. Apart from pizza, they also make barbecues. We had tried chicken barbecue which was good.

    If you are a street food lover, then this food truck is a MUST on your to-do checklist.”

    Sanket Mishra


Nishanth Rajkumar
Vindya Murthy

Email: nishanthrajkumar@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9731111852
Call      : +91 9008200007